Yours, Mine, Ours

It’s been over 4 years since I last updated this blog. I couldn’t bring myself to write through the brokenness. Today, I decided to give it another shot and found this in my drafts. I wrote it about my mother. I’ll share the oldies first before I share what’s new in my life…

This was supposed to be YOUR testimony…your story to tell. I just knew it. You were going to beat this thing and you were going to help get people to know God by sharing your story of His faithfulness and provision. For the past few days, I have been troubled by that. I just knew I was right this time.

This morning, I’m feeling like maybe I still am. Maybe it’s just not meant for you to speak with words to testify. Maybe it’s like the old song says, maybe it will be the work you’ve done that speaks for you. God can use anybody and it’s not hard to see that He used you a whole lot.

Your strength and resolve through so much heartache, suffering, and loss in your life. People would see your smile and they might never know you’d had a cloudy day.

Your way of knowing what people needed without them having to say it. You just could hear it in their voice or see it on their face. Your spirit of discernment was incredible.

Your ability to remain calm during the storm. You barely shed a tear until the end. You didn’t whine or complain. You were peace in a physical form.

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