Last Saturday of September

Going to bed is easy because I’m exhausted. Waking up is so, so hard…

…but God still IS. He’s present. He’s near. He’s somehow making sure we remember to breathe. He’s our hope and our source in this moment. He’s got You in His care. He’s the way that we get to see you again.

I keep replaying some of the last things you said to us.

“I’m not gonna give up.” You didn’t.

“I love you always.” You did and I know you do still.

“I’m ready to go home.” You were.

“Why are y’all crying? I’m not going anywhere.” I won’t believe you’re a liar now.

I can’t pretend to feel you with me all day, but when I go inside your room or your closet, I smell you. You always smelled so good. I feel you then. I don’t think we’ll ever want to wash the sheets, but you’d call us nasty and fuss, so we will eventually.

Breath easy, Mama. ❤️


One thought on “Last Saturday of September

  1. I will never pretend to know how you and your family are feeling at this moment, but for sure I know that with time things will become more bearable. The wonderful memories of the love that was expressed, shared, and lived will forever be in your hearts. Your love for God is truly a sign that you will rise to every occasion in His strength to endure every lonely, sad, and maybe even an angry moment that lies ahead after everyone has gone. So I pray for you, your sister and your dad that God will continue to be ever present with you all each day. By faith, God is with you and your family and by faith you will see your loving Mom again. Blessed be the Rock of our Salvation


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