Happy Father’s Day

I’ll never forget how excited they both were when I told them we were expecting. My dad was a lot more vocal about it. Spilling the beans prematurely, calling to check on “the baby” every day, and rubbing and talking to my tummy.

Eric was a lot less talkative, but like he always does…he put a plan in place. He swapped out the junk food in the house, made me swear off coffee, and told me he’d give up his weekly cocktail to ride out the remaining weeks with me. I laughed so hard the day I lost my wallet and called him panicked since he was out of town and he calmed me down by telling me that I could “borrow” from his baby’s stash. In a month’s time our baby had more money than I did!

When we experienced the loss, they were so strong for me. These are the things that I celebrate today. The love. The caring. The protection. The provision. The strength. The two greatest men that I have EVER known. One who has shown himself to be the best type of father and the other who has shown that if and when God blesses us to bring home a baby someday, he too, will be the best. Happy Father’s Day, all.

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