Operation Dignity

Operation Dignity I’m excited to announce a service effort that we (meaning me plus a whole host of amazing women here in Georgia) are undertaking. From the day that I started Smiling by Faith, I knew that I wanted to use it to help people, particularly women who may not find it all that easy to smile in the midst of their circumstances. Just over a year later, I am coordinating my first blog-affiliated project. With the help of a huge and diverse group of women (mothers, daughters, wives, singles, students, educators, professionals, business owners, retirees, etc), Smiling by Faith will be coordinating the collection and distribution of personal products to women in shelters around Georgia. So far, we have confirmed shelters in three major cities in the state and we are waiting to hear back from several more. We will officially launch our drive on March 1st and will continue throughout the month of April. We will package and deliver products through May 1st. We hope to make a huge impact on the lives of women who are currently homeless, displaced, or transitioning through our donations of pads, tampons, panty liners, panties, and bras. Please stay tuned for how you can help us help others!

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