Proverbs 8: Knowing versus Doing

I used to be so loyal to the King James Version of the Bible. I still read it anytime I study the Word, but I am beginning to really appreciate having multiple versions along for the ride. That was especially the case with Proverbs 8. I read the KJV and recognized some jewels, but when I read the Message Version (MSG) aloud, my spirit stirred tremendously.

In this chapter Lady Wisdom speaks out. She thoroughly explains who she is and her place in both the Kingdom of God and in our lives. She lets us know that she has always been with God. Before He created a particle of water, a blade of grass, or a child in His own image, Wisdom was right there.

We learn that several qualities are closely associated with Wisdom. Sanity, Knowledge, Discretion…good counsel, common sense, the fear of God…all of these are listed as characteristics associated with Wisdom. However, Lady Wisdom seems to cling a little tighter to two qualities. The MSG translation reads, “I am both Insight and the Virtue to live it out.” -Proverbs 8:14

Keys words here: BOTH and AND

I immediately internalized the idea that you cannot have wisdom based on insight (or knowledge or discretion or good counsel or common sense or the fear of God) alone…you MUST have the strength of mind and the virtue to live as you should according to the will of God as you understand it based on His Word.

Basically, KNOWING what is right means nothing if you aren’t DOING what is right. I’ve always heard the saying, “If you know better, you’ll do better.” I’ve lived enough to know that this isn’t always true, but I believe it to be true for wise men and women.

If a man has the insight to know right from wrong and to understand God’s will for him and he still chooses not to live it out, he is in worse shape than the man who did not know anything at all.

Just my thoughts. Have a blessed day, loves!

Keep Smiling,


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