Who is He to you?

Have you ever spoken with someone about a subject and walked away feeling as though they pressed their opinion on you? This is particularly annoying when the topic of the conversation is heavily influenced by perspective or personal experience. Some things are just not up for debate. My faith is not debatable. My belief in Jesus as the way to salvation is not debatable. My gratitude for His life, death, and resurrection is not debatable. And to be fair…I won’t debate with you about your beliefs either.

I cannot allow myself to be so closed-minded to think that God presents Himself to each of us in exactly the same way. After all, we are each uniquely designed. Who am I to tell you how to express your love for God or for others? Who am I to tell you that you’re not serving Him well enough or to look down on you because you do/do not feel convicted to serve Him at all? Once upon a time, I didn’t know God. I had heard of Him, but had not truly experienced Him. He met me where I was and blanketed me with an indescribable love…a peace that I am still in awe of…a joy that no one in this world could ever take away.

It saddens me when I see people who claim to love God and follow His example get so caught up in the need to be right. Not a single one of us has all of the answers and the last thing we need to do is drive people away from Christ because we disagree with their understanding of the God that delivered them from darkness. I am not saying that we should not be witnesses of the Gospel, but I am saying that the person that you should question most is yourself. Who is He to YOU? Is He pleased with YOUR walk? Are YOUR steps aligned to His will or are YOUR motives self-seeking? Do you spend as much time in fellowship with Him as you do criticizing the spiritual positioning of others?

Food for thought…I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter!

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