Expecting the Unexpected…

If you have never taken an assessment of your life and thought to yourself, this is NOT what I expected, then you probably won’t be able to relate to this post. Every now and again (probably more often than I care to admit), I think back on all of the plans I’ve made, the dreams I’ve realized and the ones I haven’t, the successes and failures under my belt, the relationships that have formed and dissolved, etc. When I’m honest with myself, I realize that my life looks almost nothing like I imagined it to be.

This is not to say that I am disappointed in what my life has become. However, I have been disappointed time and time again. God has proven Himself faithful in keeping His promises to me and He has never let me down. So when I consider the source of my disappointments, I realize that it is within me. Too often in my life, I have set expectations based on my circumstances and in doing so, I set myself up for disappointment.

I’m learning that life is a continual series of opportunties to demonstrate faith in God. Not perfect faith. Authentic faith. Faith isn’t the absence of fear, but it presses ahead anyway. Faith isn’t always void of doubt, but it remembers that God will do just what He said He would. Faith isn’t exempt from asking questions, but it knows that sometimes you will have to proceed even without the answers. Faith expects the unexpected and praises God for it all.

Keep Smiling,


3 thoughts on “Expecting the Unexpected…

  1. For better or worse none of our lives turn out exactly like we planned but with GOD as your captain things will workout according to HIS purpose. So embrace all that life has thrown at you and take comfort in knowing that if you know and trust GOD everything is going to be alright!! Really enjoyed your post and keep trusting GOD and encouraging others.

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