In All Things…

In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV) instructs us to “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

This morning as I arose from my warm bed, ate a filling breakfast, drove to work in my heated car, and arrived at my place of gainful (and enjoyable) employment, I had a song of praise in my heart and an unspeakable joy to match. Nevermind the freezing temperatures or my runny nose. I am alive and well. My family is alive and well. None of us slept on the street last night. We have sufficient clothing in which to bundle up and brave the harsh winds. Not everyone can say the same. I am blessed.

God blesses us because He loves us. However, He created us in His image for His glory and our blessings should ultimately result in garnering praise for the Most High and bringing others closer to Him. God’s blessings will not be wasted on me. Would I have enjoyed a “snow day” (minus actual snow, of course)? Certainly. However, I dare not complain. Joy is not circumstancial. Neither is my gratitude. God favors me. Sometimes I will have to do things that I don’t want to do, but I pledge to praise him for blessing me so that I am ABLE to do them. While my students and colleagues grumble, I will be the one that reminds them of how blessed we are to be able to provide a safe and warm place to learn. I will remind them of the people who are not as fortunate. I will remind them that it is only a matter of God’s grace that has kept us from being among those who are not as fortunate.

I pray that those friends and associates of mine who have found a reason to complain can open their eyes, minds, and hearts to the majesty of the Lord. I pray that they are able to recognize His majesty…His grace…His love for them. If nothing else, I pray that they praise Him for not giving any of us what we actually deserve.

Keep smiling, loves! 🙂

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